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List Of Projects

The following is a list of the various phases and projects covered by this web site.

Electrification Phase 1 - Manchester (Castlefield Junction) to WCML (Newton-le-Willows / Lowton Junction)

Phase one was scheduled to be completed in December 2013, and it did become operational then. Further works were required, before a formal completion date of August 2014.

Electrification Phase 2 - Liverpool (Edge Hill) to Earlestown, Huyton to Wigan, and Ordsall Lane Junction to Manchester Victoria

Main works complete was scheduled for December 2014 ("Available for December 2014 timetable change") This target was missed, but electric trains were able to run throughout by the end of April 2015, and regular passenger workings commenced in May. I believe the autotransformer feed system, which was not ready then, has now been completed.
(For Roby and Huyton additional tracks - See that project's page.)

Electrification Phase 3 - Preston to Blackpool North

After a number of delays this phase was completed just in time for the timetable change, and electric services ran on Sunday 20 May 2018.

Electrification Phase 4 - Manchester to Preston

Work is under way. For details see this project's page.

Electrification Phase 5 - Manchester to Stalybridge

For details see this project's page.

Electrification Wigan to Bolton (Wigan Station Junction to Lostock Junction)

Announced in December 2013, this additional route for electrification is targeted for service in CP6, i.e. 2019-2024:
Planning completed December 2017[Network Rail - September 2018 Enhancements Delivery Plan].
In service - To be determined.

Electrification Oxenholme to Windermere

It was announced on 20 July 2017 that this project has been cancelled.

Liverpool Lime Street Remodelling

For details see this project's page.

Ordsall Chord

A new curve linking lines in South and North Manchester - See Map 5. It is aimed at reducing congestion east of Manchester Piccadilly and allowing an increase in services between Leeds and Manchester and between Manchester and Liverpool.

Completed and opened to traffic in December 2017.

Huyton and Roby Additional Tracks

For details see this project's page.

Salford Central Additional Platforms

The Manchester Victoria - Eccles - Liverpool route passes the back of Salford Central station but trains do not stop there. As part of the Ordsall Chord project two tracks now run between the disused platforms 3 and 4, and one track (and possibly new platform 5) on the existing trackbed.

This project includes the demolition of the existing canopies on all platforms and the construction of new ones, and changes to the access to the platforms to make them compliant with modern standards. It was hoped it would be completed in the same timescales as the rest of the Ordsall Chord project, although this did not happen and the latest reports still describe it as being evaluated.


My thanks go to the correspondents who are providing regular updates. Please let me know at editor@nw-sparks.co.uk when you see anything I have missed.