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Huyton and Roby Additional Tracks


This project comes in two stages. The first provided three tracks through Huyton and Roby stations between a remodelled Huyton Junction and a new Roby junction.

Stage two, which will add a fourth track, requires the acquisition of land to fit the fourth track between Huyton and Huyton Junction and consequently had to wait for the public enquiry and TWA authority process to be completed.


TWA approval has been granted and stage two is scheduled to be in service for 10 December 2017, although this date is marked as "Currently under review"[Network Rail - June 2017 Enhancements Delivery Plan].

The intention is that the big works for stage two - track, overhead and signalling changes - will be undertaken during a blockade in October 2017.


Stage one was commissioned during a blockade in July 2014.

On stage two, the fourth track is in place, but not electrified, between Roby Junction (exclusive) and Huyton Station. The platforms at Huyton and Roby have been constructed and equipped with shelters, noticeboards, departure displays etc.

Huyton Hey Car Park was closed from September 2016 until May 2017, to provide a works site for the first part of stage two. Construction of a new wall at the rear of the telephone exchange and at the bus station is now complete.

The second part of stage two has commenced, and sixty metres or so of track has been added to the east end of the fourth line, extending it beyond the previous end point at the east end of the platform at Huyton. New mounting brackets for the new overhead have appeared on the majority of the existing overhead structures.