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Electrification Phase 4
Manchester to Preston


Electrification of the line between Ordsall Lane Junction and Euxton Junction also requires a few additional works, including major tunnel reconstruction at Farnworth (Completed in early 2016.) and significant changes at Chorley station.

For an illustrated tour of this phase, see the route page.


In service for 10 December 2017[Network Rail - June 2017 Enhancements Delivery Plan].

  • Wires are up for about a hundred yards from Ordsall Lane Junction towards Bolton on the down line only.
  • Bridge raising works on bridges in the Chorley and Bolton areas were completed in 2014, along with track lowering in Chorley Tunnel and the re-instatement of the grade II listed flying arches.
  • Things are moving on with many mast bases in place and some masts up.

David Hull has once again stepped up to produce progress reports for phase 4, here is his very detailed Progressometer.