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Electrification Phase 5
Manchester to Stalybridge


Electrification of the lines between Manchester and Stalybridge was to come in two parts:

  1. Manchester Victoria to Stalybridge, and Ashburys West Junction to Philips Park West Junction and Baguley Fold Junction
  2. Guide Bridge to Stalybridge
However, part one has now been reduced, to provide electrification between Manchester Victoria and Bromley Street only. A new grid supply point will still be constructed at Stalybridge, with power cabling to get supplies from there to Ordsall Lane.

For an illustrated tour of these lines, see the route page.


Part 1 is scheduled for completion by 20 May 2018[Network Rail - December 2017 Enhancements Delivery Plan].

Part 2 is scheduled to be in service in December 2022[Network Rail - December 2017 Enhancements Delivery Plan]. This is considered part of the Transpennine Electrification project.


Bridge raising and other enabling works have been undertaken on part 1.

Some mast bases have appeared on Miles Platting Bank.