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Train Service Performance at Huyton - December 2014

DateScheduledTrains RunOn TimeWithin 5 min.Comments
Monday 01157152(96.8%)88(56.0%)125(79.6%)Signalling problems caused by cable theft severely disrupted services with no trains between Newton and Manchester from the start of service until about 18:00.
Tuesday 02157157(100.0%)123(78.3%)143(91.0%) 
Wednesday 03157154(98.0%)83(52.8%)112(71.3%) 
Thursday 04157156(99.3%)115(73.2%)142(90.4%) 
Friday 05162157(96.9%)102(62.9%)135(83.3%) 
Saturday 06163162(99.3%)96(58.8%)130(79.7%) 
Sunday 076161(100.0%)47(77.0%)56(91.8%) 
Monday 08157152(96.8%)73(46.4%)110(70.0%)Signalling problems at Earlestown disrupted services from 09:00 until about 12:00.
Tuesday 09157156(99.3%)96(61.1%)135(85.9%) 
Wednesday 10157156(99.3%)88(56.0%)129(82.1%) 
Thursday 11157141(89.8%)57(36.3%)84(53.5%)Severe delays and some cancellations between 08:00 and 14:00 due to signalling problems at Edge Hill.
Friday 12162155(95.6%)67(41.3%)109(67.2%)A signalling failure at Edge Hill again resulted in delays and cancellations through the morning.
Technical problems at Network Rail mean todays statistics are less accurate than usual.
Saturday 13165165(100.0%)103(62.4%)139(84.2%) 
Sunday 145655(98.2%)42(75.0%)51(91.0%)Delays from the start of service until 12:00 were due to overunning engineering work near Huyton.
Monday 15157155(98.7%)114(72.6%)134(85.3%) 
Tuesday 16157157(100.0%)122(77.7%)151(96.1%) 
Wednesday 17157157(100.0%)114(72.6%)142(90.4%) 
Thursday 18157157(100.0%)131(83.4%)153(97.4%) 
Friday 19164164(100.0%)121(73.7%)151(92.0%) 
Saturday 20163160(98.1%)101(61.9%)139(85.2%) 
Sunday 215655(98.2%)45(80.3%)51(91.0%)Overrunning engineering work in the Huyton area delayed the first couple of trains and caused one cancellation.
Monday 22157153(97.4%)90(57.3%)127(80.8%) 
Tuesday 23157157(100.0%)110(70.0%)139(88.5%) 
Wednesday 24151151(100.0%)135(89.4%)148(98.0%) 
Thursday 2500 0 0  
Friday 2600 0 0  
Saturday 2700 0 0  
Sunday 2800 0 0  
Monday 29159158(99.3%)117(73.5%)147(92.4%) 
Tuesday 30157157(100.0%)127(80.8%)149(94.9%) 
Wednesday 31152152(100.0%)123(80.9%)141(92.7%) 

  1. The figures are derived from information of Network Rail Infrastructure Limited licensed under this licence.
  2. Trains cancelled by planned engineering works are not counted as a cancellation. (As long as they are removed from the timetable.)
  3. Rail replacement buses are not counted, since running information is not available.
  4. Trains running within two minutes of correct time are deemed to be on time. I also show trains within five minutes, the railway's standard.