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Train Service Performance at Huyton - July 2018

DateScheduledTrains RunOn TimeWithin 5 min.Comments
Sunday 017974(93.6%)64(81.0%)69(87.3%) 
Monday 0210296(94.1%)81(79.4%)91(89.2%) 
Tuesday 0310396(93.2%)75(72.8%)82(79.6%)A lineside fire between Huyton and Saint Helens Central resulted in cancellations and diversions between about 14:30 and 18:30.
Wednesday 04103100(97.0%)83(80.5%)93(90.2%) 
Thursday 05103100(97.0%)85(82.5%)93(90.2%) 
Friday 0610398(95.1%)77(74.7%)86(83.4%) 
Saturday 0710097(97.0%)70(70.0%)83(83.0%) 
Sunday 087968(86.0%)53(67.0%)61(77.2%) 
Monday 0910293(91.1%)71(69.6%)82(80.3%) 
Tuesday 1010199(98.0%)73(72.2%)89(88.1%) 
Wednesday 11101100(99.0%)77(76.2%)90(89.1%) 
Thursday 1210199(98.0%)71(70.2%)85(84.1%) 
Friday 1310198(97.0%)72(71.2%)89(88.1%)Last day of trains in to Lime Street under control of Lime Street signalbox, which closed this evening.
Saturday 145454(100.0%)48(88.8%)49(90.7%) 
Sunday 151818(100.0%)17(94.4%)18(100.0%) 
Monday 165453(98.1%)48(88.8%)51(94.4%) 
Tuesday 175453(98.1%)46(85.1%)50(92.5%) 
Wednesday 185453(98.1%)47(87.0%)53(98.1%) 
Thursday 195452(96.2%)47(87.0%)51(94.4%) 
Friday 205554(98.1%)49(89.0%)53(96.3%) 
Saturday 215554(98.1%)53(96.3%)53(96.3%) 
Sunday 224848(100.0%)47(97.9%)48(100.0%) 
Monday 235554(98.1%)51(92.7%)52(94.5%) 
Tuesday 245553(96.3%)47(85.4%)50(90.9%) 
Wednesday 255653(94.6%)48(85.7%)51(91.0%) 
Thursday 265654(96.4%)49(87.5%)52(92.8%) 
Friday 275554(98.1%)48(87.2%)52(94.5%) 
Saturday 285652(92.8%)49(87.5%)49(87.5%)A broken down train at Rainhill, 2F02 11:30 Manchester Victoria to Huyton, caused delays and cancellations between 12:00 and 14:30.
Sunday 293227(84.3%)24(75.0%)27(84.3%)A broken down train at Rainhill, 2V08 12:16 Huyton to Manchester Victoria, caused delays and cancellations.
Monday 30153140(91.5%)60(39.2%)80(52.2%)Liverpool Lime Street re-opened after resignalling.
Tuesday 31153143(93.4%)90(58.8%)116(75.8%) 

  1. The figures are derived from information of Network Rail Infrastructure Limited licensed under this licence.
  2. Trains cancelled by planned engineering works or industrial action are not counted as a cancellation. (As long as they are removed from the timetable.)
  3. Rail replacement buses are not counted, since running information is not available.
  4. Trains running within two minutes of correct time are deemed to be on time. I also show trains within five minutes, the railway's standard.