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Train Service Performance at Huyton - May 2020

DateScheduledTrains RunOn TimeWithin 5 min.Comments
Friday 016060(100.0%)59(98.3%)60(100.0%) 
Saturday 026060(100.0%)57(95.0%)59(98.3%) 
Sunday 035454(100.0%)51(94.4%)53(98.1%) 
Monday 046060(100.0%)55(91.6%)56(93.3%) 
Tuesday 056060(100.0%)58(96.6%)60(100.0%) 
Wednesday 066060(100.0%)54(90.0%)59(98.3%) 
Thursday 076060(100.0%)59(98.3%)60(100.0%) 
Friday 086060(100.0%)59(98.3%)60(100.0%) 
Saturday 096060(100.0%)57(95.0%)60(100.0%) 
Sunday 105454(100.0%)54(100.0%)54(100.0%) 
Monday 116060(100.0%)59(98.3%)60(100.0%) 
Tuesday 126060(100.0%)49(81.6%)54(90.0%) 
Wednesday 136059(98.3%)56(93.3%)58(96.6%) 
Thursday 146060(100.0%)56(93.3%)58(96.6%) 
Friday 156060(100.0%)58(96.6%)59(98.3%) 
Saturday 166060(100.0%)56(93.3%)60(100.0%) 
Sunday 175454(100.0%)54(100.0%)54(100.0%) 
Monday 189191(100.0%)88(96.7%)89(97.8%) 
Tuesday 199191(100.0%)86(94.5%)90(98.9%) 
Wednesday 209188(96.7%)65(71.4%)74(81.3%)A fire beside the railway just west of Earlestown station resulted in delays, cancellations and diversions from 12:00 until close of service.
Thursday 219191(100.0%)73(80.2%)80(87.9%)Following yesterday's fire, the railway remained closed west of Earlestown until about 22:00.
Friday 229186(94.5%)70(76.9%)74(81.3%)Damage to the OHLE between Huyton and Wigan caused a number of cancellations between 16:00 and 18:30.
Saturday 239191(100.0%)84(92.3%)88(96.7%) 
Sunday 245454(100.0%)54(100.0%)54(100.0%) 
Monday 256969(100.0%)63(91.3%)67(97.1%) 
Tuesday 269191(100.0%)81(89.0%)88(96.7%) 
Wednesday 279191(100.0%)89(97.8%)89(97.8%) 
Thursday 289191(100.0%)82(90.1%)87(95.6%) 
Friday 299191(100.0%)79(86.8%)85(93.4%) 
Saturday 309190(98.9%)83(91.2%)87(95.6%) 
Sunday 315454(100.0%)52(96.2%)52(96.2%) 

  1. The figures are derived from information of Network Rail Infrastructure Limited licensed under this licence.
  2. Trains cancelled by planned engineering works or industrial action are not counted as a cancellation. (As long as they are removed from the timetable.)
  3. Rail replacement buses are not counted, since running information is not available.
  4. Trains running within two minutes of correct time are deemed to be on time. I also show trains within five minutes, the railway's standard.