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Engineering Works Detail

Tue 3rd January 2012 to Sun 10th June 2012
Road Closures in Merseyside

The following roads will be closed for railway electrification works:

Bridge Road, Roby, until 7 April.
Old Lane, Eccleston Park, until 28 March.
Hall Lane, Prescot, (and the junction with Thomas Drive and Shaw Lane) from 10 January to 10 June.
Portico Lane, Eccleston Park, from 27 February until 15 May.

Update 8 May 2012
Bridge Road in Roby is still closed, with significant work on the road surface remaining to be done.

Update 24 May 2012
Bridge Road, Roby, has re-opened, with only some minor tidying up outstanding. [78]

National Rail
Information on engineering works is mostly provided by National Rail Enquiries. You are advised to check with National Rail Enquiries for the latest updates before travelling.

Timetable alterations for engineering works are published in two different ways: Some appear as Future Engineering Works on the National Rail web site, while others, especially changes for longer periods, are simply incorporated into the published timetables. The latter are harder to spot and may be missing from this list.